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Details: Non-GMO, Gentle Formula, Growth, Brain and Eye, Immune Support

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*Ingredients not genetically engineered

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Kirkland Signature Infant Formula

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  • Kirkland Signature Infant Formula Is Now Non-GMO

    What does Non-GMO refer to on our label?

    Non-GMO refers to the fact that the ingredients in Kirkland Signature Infant Formula are not genetically engineered. The original product and the comparable non-GMO product have the same ingredients; they just have different sources for the ingredients.

    Will my baby tolerate the Kirkland Signature Infant Formula non-GMO any differently than the comparable original product?

    Your baby should tolerate them equally. The non-GMO infant formula and the comparable original infant formula have the same ingredients; they just have different sources for the ingredients.

    Is there a national standard for labeling Non-GMO?

    Not at this time. As there isn’t a national standard for labeling non-GMO, we’ve chosen to be consistent with the Vermont and European Union standards.  

    Under those standards, if a cow eats feed from genetically engineered sources, that cow’s milk is not considered to be genetically engineered.  As we don’t use organic milk in Kirkland Signature Infant Formula, the milk is likely from cows fed genetically engineered feed.

    How do you make sure your ingredients are non-GMO?

    We work closely with our suppliers to verify that the ingredients in our non-GMO products are not genetically engineered.

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